We are Silja Lin and Thomas Vium and Herman Ditte is our joint pen name.
We collaborate as one on all our projects in our office, right below the roof in a red-bricked building with a huge beech tree outside the window.
We tell stories via drawings in magazines, books, comics and digital media. 
& we talk about plants and gardening all the time.
Aller Media, VIA University, Hans Reitzel Publishing House, Alvilda Publishing House, Alinea Publishing House, Roskilde University, The Volunteer House, Gad Publishing House, Storytel, Viborg Municipality, Johannes V. Jensen Museum.
Herman Ditte (2020-present).
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Storytelling (2015-2019).
Masters degree in Nordic Language and Literature and Sport Science (2006-2013).
Odense Fagskole (2005-2006).
The Drawing Academy (2014) – One semester of classical drawing.
Drawing school teacher at Billedskolen, Viborg (2017-present). 
Teacher at Viborg Gymnasium and HF (2013-2014).
Teacher at Skive Gymnasium and HF (2009-2010).
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